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The Sky is a Metaphor for Writing

Sometimes the sky is a wonderfulcollection of colours. And sometimes there is nothing to be seen at all. Kind of like writing the first draft of a story, me thinks 💜💛♥️ How are you all? I’ve been busy lately with editing my women’s fiction novel. It’s exciting stuff and I hope to be able to…

Yay, we’ve moved! 😎🙌

AlhamduLillah, we’ve finally moved house after many months of waiting around, but seeing this local view has made it all worthwhile!! Yes, we have to unpack and I’m going to have boxes up to my ears next week, but for now, I’m taking a moment to be grateful. Yay!🎉 #amwriting


Her by Mira V Shah,published by Hodder & Stoughton Mira Shah shares a story of intrigue and mystery, delving into the mind of two women whose lives are wholly different. Her story pulls you in from the throat, while exploring topics such as mental health, abuse, race and social class. Sensational stuff! 👏👏🥰 You can…


Brand New Workshops Begin this November! When? Fridays at 10amWhere? ZoomHow can you sign up? Every Friday morning, we’ll read and discuss books that INSPIRE you to write and motivate you to KEEP GOING and maybe even introduce a critique group too! HIT REPLY if you have any questions! I look forward to meeting you! Peace and…


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Sidra is a freelance author and qualified teacher. Her first book “Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love” came out on January 1st 2021. Since then she has written many children’s books and is also working on a novel for women.

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