Looking for an talented, freelance writer or editor who is dedicated to provide fast, high-quality work?

Sidra has over 3 years experience in writing and editing and has an eagle-eye for precision and excellent proof-reading skills.

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Read about the information she’s gleaned from over 15 years of marriage, motherhood and living ‘A Writer’s Life’. She also has a Non Fiction book published by Beacon Books, has been selected for the Penguin Write Now Live Program, has been shortlisted for the AsianWriter Short Story Prize and is the founding director of an online writing community called, Inkspiration. 

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Non-Fiction Self Development book out now!

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Interview with Iraqi Writer, Joumana Al-Talal for The Mud Season Review Literary Journal

The Remnant Archive Literary Magazine – A collaboration with Letters To Strangers, India. Non-Fiction Editor: Sidra Ansari

Looking After Me, A Personal Essay, by Sidra Ansari

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