London Baby! 😃

AlhamduLillah, we’ve just been for an excellent adventure in central London, visiting sites that hold the ghosts of uni days past and witnessing the marvellous city via the kids in the present.

Highlights were @emiratescable cars and halal KFC at Tower Hill. Plus we saw Charlie Chaplin! 😃😃😃 It’s the small things. Hehehe…

Now I’m sitting down to write about London for a brand new @ladybirdbooks audio adventure called Cities Around the World (YAY!), and wishing I could go to every city on this marvellous list! Maybe one day, inshaAllah! For now, there’s Google!

#goals #oneday #books #writing #ladybird #cities #london #trips #familytrips #summer hols #summerholiday #makingmemories

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