Leave That Which Doesn’t Concern Thee

Wise words for eternity-
Leave that which doesn’t concern thee,
Your mind will be light,
full of clarity,
Your heart will soar high,
Your life as full as a bountiful tree…

Social media is a fallacy,
Get what you need and then let it be,
Otherwise the words of other people will be your internal melody,
How can you live on this earth, free?
Your direction and purpose strong and uncloudy,
When you’re preoccupied with this device in your hands,
You’re missing out on the true treasure of the lands,

A connection sweet and pure,
A connection so that this world we can endure,
The pain, the hardship, the weakness in strength,
We can get through length by length,
If we hold fast to that which works,
Our lives will be full of perks,
Such richness through life’s plot twists,
Such richness even though life does glitch,

No, It doesn’t always go the way you’d like it to go,
But through reliance, you will realise there’s much more,
To life that what can be held in your hands,
It’s in your heart that you’ll find the real beauty,

It’s your heart that you will nourish when you seek joy in physical activity,
Movement, discussions, connections, togetherness,
It’s not the same to text message each and Zoom,
Go to each other, speak and visit each other’s rooms!

Don’t worry about Wi-Fi connections,
Unless you want to find a rainy day activity,
Or make use of the ingredients in your fridge,
Yes, use it if you need to,
But don’t rely on it a smidge
Be mindful, be purposeful,
Yes the net can be useful!
Switch off notifications,
Don’t be taken in by its every hue,
And let IT serve YOU!

- - -

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