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  • The Sky is a Metaphor for Writing

    Sometimes the sky is a wonderfulcollection of colours. And sometimes there is nothing to be seen at all. Kind of like writing the first draft of a story, me thinks 💜💛♥️ How are you all? I’ve been busy lately with editing my women’s fiction novel. It’s exciting stuff and I hope to be able to […]

  • Give yourself some time off!


    YES! I do believe. Do you? P. S Writing and Well-being with Sidra Ansari. Don’t forget I am booking people in for a FREE INTRO TO WRITING CLASS in September- ALL WELCOME! Join me live on Friday 9th September at 10am for a FREE INTRO and then every Friday thereafter when we will begin a […]

  • For the Love of It

    Dear beautiful, wonderful, loyal readers, You have been with me through so many ups and downs in my writing life. It honestly wouldn’t have been the same without you by my side. I have been writing for over three years now and have pretty much fallen in love with the whole process; writing, connecting with the online writing community, […]