This is where you’ll see blog posts in which there is usually a message, a take away, a point to ponder. Something on which you can reflect, and hopefully grow…

It is usually these posts that provoke discussion and debate and I love it. In no way are my blog posts, my conversation with you one-sided, I welcome new opinions and love to learn things from a different perspective. I usually comment on those things that I glean from living my life as me. Let me begin the discussion, I welcome you to challenge me, teach me, and help me grow too…

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Reflections are so important for a life filled with gratitude. Try to take some time out of your busy schedule to sit in stillness and make time to ponder.

In a world full of digital distractions, it’s so rare to sit alone with your thoughts. This makes it doubly effective. As you sit and breathe and think, thank your Higher Power, be this God, mother nature or the universe for all the blessings you have.

Realise that you’re being looked after. You have always been looked after in the best way, for the growth and progress of your own life and those around you.

Try to get through the hard times, by remembering that many people have passed before us in worse times. We live and learn from the legacy they have left behind. All that is left is mindfulness of your blessings.

Remember to be grateful.

Choose kindness.

And love.

Because in the end, nothing matters more.

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