Inkspiration: The Young Writers’ Club

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(I’m sorry, I’m not taking new children in for this course at the moment. Please come back to check for updates and news on recorded lessons for children. Coming soon!)

Not sure how to encourage your child to write? Hand over the creative writing reigns to me, Sidra Ansari- an experienced teacher, author and freelance writer.

After setting up Inkspiration For Women, parents and guardians have requested a creative writing class for young writers! So I’m happy to invite you to join, Inkspiration: The Young Writers’ Club.

During the weekly class I will:
  • Share fabulous tips to help make your children’s stories brilliant
  • Encourage reading
  • Glean tips from popular authors and illustrate how to apply these to their writing


Please get in touch for more info!

  • Increase your child’s use of a wide range of vocabulary
  • Teach them how to edit their own work effectively
  • Give them the confidence to write and share their work if they’d like to!

Once you’ve had a free trial and are happy to go ahead and book future lessons, please click the relevant payment button below. Thank you for joining us! I look forward to working with your children…

Great value at only £5 per lesson! Click here and pay £20 each to sign up your child(ren), aged 6-12, for 4 weeks. Otherwise it’ll cost £7.50 per lesson, paid weekly, no need for the commitment. Pay As You Learn.

A special provision for teenage girls!

These teenage writers will enjoy weekly discussions on fabulous books plus all of the above. It will be a safe-environment to connect with like-minded people for all. They will also get access to a Private FaceBook Group where they can keep in touch and share ideas outside of class should they wish to do so.

Click here to pay £30 each to book 4 lessons for your teen(s)! Super value at only £7.50 each per class. Or, if you’d prefer you can pay per class! Pay As You Learn, £10 per class. Can’t be easier!

I look forward to welcoming your child to the class and to connect with you and your family!

Peace and Love,

Sidra x

What parents are saying…

Fun and creative lessons from a very patient teacher. My son really looks forward to them. Learning in an interactive group with other children has really improved his writing and confidence in just a few weeks! Thank you.

Mrs G. Asghar, Mum of Hassan, aged 10

Thank you so much. It’s been such an insightful session. It’s amazing how much we have learnt in just 2 classes!

N. Koser. Mum of twins, Ruqayyah and Nusaybah, aged 6.

[The boys]loved the session! They said you were very funny. It was awesome!

[Talking about a fantastic piece of creative writing Muhammad shared with the class this week]

He really surprised me this week! He wrote that of his own accord!

S. Chaudhary. Mum of Raashid and Muhammad, aged 4 and 8.

Both sessions were really good! I learnt so much myself- never mind the kids!!

S. Azam. Mum of teenagers, Ayesha and Maryam, 14 and 16.

Hanan is easily distracted, so pinning her down and getting her to write during the class is perfect!

S. Abdul Rab. Mum of Hanan, Age 10.

The teacher gives me tips and ideas and the encouragement to write easily!

Hanan Abdul Rab. 10 year old student.

[The day before class]

My daughter’s been asking all day if the class is happening today!

S. Malik. Mum of Asiya, Age 9.

(Reminder: I’m sorry, I’m not taking new children in for this course at the moment. Please come back to check for updates and news on recorded lessons for children. Coming soon!)

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