Hello there and Salaams! I thought it would be useful to have a glossary page for those of you who don’t understand the Arabic terms I seem to mention as I’m writing.  I have thought of omitting these terms for ease of understanding but it’s too big a part of me to completely disregard.  I hope the glossary is useful to you! If I’ve missed any out, please do let me know!

Bismillah: In the name of God (the Arabic calligraphy shown above says this)

Assalam alaikum or Salaams (shorthand): Peace be upon you! This is a universal greeting used by all muslims around the world,

AlhamduLillah: Praise the Lord

InshaAllah: God-Willing

MashaAllah: God has willed

ﷺ: Peace be upon him, usually referring to the Messenger of God

JazkAllah, JazakIllah, Jazakamullah khairun: These words all mean thank you or literally- may God reward you with good.  The differences are due to the grammatical differences in speaking to a man, woman or many people.Shukran: Thank you

Fi AmanAllah- Goodbye or literally- Be in the safety of God

Ma Salaam: Modern Arabic for Goodbye.  It literally means peace be with you.