Leave That Which Doesn’t Concern Thee

Wise words for eternity-Leave that which doesn’t concern thee,Your mind will be light,full of clarity,Your heart will soar high,Your life as full as a bountiful tree… Social media is a fallacy,Get what you need and then let it be,Otherwise the words of other people will be your internal melody,How can you live on this earth,Continue reading “Leave That Which Doesn’t Concern Thee”

On Blessings and Writing

Numerous blessings to unfold,The change it inspires is untold,My intention was to begin,I didn’t realise the fortune that lay within,Not from me,From the One who shows endless mercy…⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣ publishedauthor #loveyoutolife #womenauthors #yaauthor #diamondauthority #muslimah #theauthority #authors #abundantblessings #muslimnonfiction #bookstagram #aspiringauthor #ilovereading #newauthor #muslimauthorsofinstagram #blessed #instaauthor #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #visualauthority #godmoves #favoriteauthor #bestsellingauthor #muslimlife #author #jesus #authorityContinue reading “On Blessings and Writing”

Launching My Book – 1st January

Hello and salaams, This is just a quick message to say that, alhamduLillah, I know where and when I’m going to launch my book! D’you remember in my last post I wasn’t sure what I was going to do? Well, Allah, in His Pure Wisdom and Generosity sent down an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse!Continue reading “Launching My Book – 1st January”

Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love is Available on Amazon!

Part 1 Chapter 1 Today I’d like to introduce my first chapter to you. It covers how my life changed after 9/11, how I came to practice Islam more seriously and how my identity has helped shaped my faith, and ultimately, my relationship with Allah. I kickstart this short and snappy audio series with theContinue reading “Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love is Available on Amazon!”

For the Love of It

Dear beautiful, wonderful, loyal readers, You have been with me through so many ups and downs in my writing life. It honestly wouldn’t have been the same without you by my side. I have been writing for over three years now and have pretty much fallen in love with the whole process; writing, connecting with the online writing community,Continue reading “For the Love of It”

To All Supermums, Do That One Thing…

For the last few years, so much of my health and well-being depended on the use of the fantastic #Doterra essential oils. Why then, has it taken me over a year to replace my broken diffuser?!! Now it’s here, I’m feeling blissful and grateful and refreshed and excited. This is a reminder to those superContinue reading “To All Supermums, Do That One Thing…”