A Recipe: A Simple Chilli Cheese Toastie

Now this is a very simple recipe so please forgive me. The only reason I’ve put this in is the conviction that the most simple things are the best! Now, there are so many variations of this recipe, I half expect you to reply back with your own favourite versions. Of course you can makeContinue reading “A Recipe: A Simple Chilli Cheese Toastie”

A Recipe: Dhaal or lentils…

This is one of my favourite go-to recipes when I haven’t cooked and I need a substantial meal for the seven of us. The most difficult thing is getting the children used to it as a main meal. I do this by serving it with paratha- buttery fried chappati- and also offering scrambled eggs asContinue reading “A Recipe: Dhaal or lentils…”

A Recipe: Meatballs In Rice

This is a wonderful special-occasion recipe that never ceases to amaze guests. The only reason I am now comfortable with it is that, following my mum’s example, I tend to make a big rice dinner at least once every week and now, after a little practice, it’s a variation of rice we enjoy regularly aH.Continue reading “A Recipe: Meatballs In Rice”

A Recipe – Shami Kebabs

Hello my dears, You lovely people seem to be reading these recipes and I’ve already had some great feedback so I guess I’ll carry on posting these until you guys lose interest 😁…hehehe. I’m a little hesitant sharing this recipe with you because my mum shared it with me about ten years ago and it’sContinue reading “A Recipe – Shami Kebabs”

A Recipe- Naan

Making homemade naan has always been something of a novelty for me. I visualised one day owning a purpose-built outdoor tandoor, to make fresh naan and tandoori roti and then I discovered these recipes online that don’t require anything more than a bit of baking soda and yoghurt in the dough mixture and and aContinue reading “A Recipe- Naan”

A Recipe – Afghani Pilau

On Tuesday I threw caution to the wind and cooked a big meal as it was our anniversary. I usually make big meals on the weekend as I find it’s more relaxing when I have more time. But as it was a special occasion I decided to give it a go. Fifteen years has goneContinue reading “A Recipe – Afghani Pilau”

A stunningly simple show of love

Hello lovely readers, In thinking of the importance of love as a bridge between us all I came across a stunningly simple short video that illustrates that love transcends all languages. I thought I needed a translation. Turns out I didn’t and here it is. This Iranian filmmaker is only 20 years old and hasContinue reading “A stunningly simple show of love”

O Ye dearest readers of all faiths and little faith and those with no faith at all

Hey there, If you’ve stuck with me so far, here I am dedicating a post just for you 😁. I am so grateful for your readership and hope that you still get something from these posts even though I have been told to focus on a particular market for my book by my editor (I.eContinue reading “O Ye dearest readers of all faiths and little faith and those with no faith at all”

Enough of Enoughism and A Change

Hello again, I can’t remember the last time I wrote to you all two days in a row so it must be a good sign. I thought I’d speak about the fact that I’m ready to stop writing about enoughism at the end of my posts. If that was a part of the blog postContinue reading “Enough of Enoughism and A Change”