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  • Talk with Sana

    Hello lovelies, Here’s a throwback to 6 months ago when I was interviewed by Sana Khan on her channel, ‘Talk with Sana’. I didn’t share it at the time because I felt self conscious and embarrassed but it just shows how things change, because listening to it now on the brink of submitting my novel […]

  • Book Club For Kids

    Brand New Book Club for Homeschoolers Begins Next Week! 🎉🎉🎉 📚We will complete a book a term on Zoom. 📚One chapter read via Audible and Kindle. 📚Interactive ClassKick Quiz to check comprehension. 📚Children will read a chapter as homework each week. Book Club 6-11 years old Friday October 7th at 11am, The Last Bear by […]

  • Natural History including Dinos 🦕🦖😃

    We went to visit the Natural History Museum this week! I’d definitely say this was the child-friendliest of them all! With all the 🦕 🦖 dinosaurs, I guess it’s no surprise! So much fun! Highly recommended 😃 and quite busy too, even on a weekday. The architecture of the building is stunning too- really unexpected! […]

  • Love for ‘The Large Family’

    My 4yo and I did a happy dance when these arrived. We’ve never had the whole set. So glad these books are still going strong. There’s nothing like a good ‘Large Family’ read-aloud session to have a good laugh and make a mother think she’s not alone! @walkerbooksuk @bigpicturebooks #booklover #bookreviewer #bookblogger #lovebooks #picturebooksaremyjam #picturebooksofinstagram […]

  • Why You Don’t Need to Be a Qualified Teacher to Homeschool

    Can anyone teach? Many people used to believe that home education wasn’t even possible without a teaching qualification. Now that we’ve all had a taste of home education during Lockdown 2020, maybe even you will agree that you don’t need to be a professional teacher to teach! Unusual Circumstances The conditions during Covid 19 were […]