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  • Talk with Sana

    Hello lovelies, Here’s a throwback to 6 months ago when I was interviewed by Sana Khan on her channel, ‘Talk with Sana’. I didn’t share it at the time because I felt self conscious and embarrassed but it just shows how things change, because listening to it now on the brink of submitting my novel […]

  • Love for ‘The Large Family’

    My 4yo and I did a happy dance when these arrived. We’ve never had the whole set. So glad these books are still going strong. There’s nothing like a good ‘Large Family’ read-aloud session to have a good laugh and make a mother think she’s not alone! @walkerbooksuk @bigpicturebooks #booklover #bookreviewer #bookblogger #lovebooks #picturebooksaremyjam #picturebooksofinstagram […]

  • What Do Your Children Mean to You? Write About It!​

    On Twitter somebody asked whether having kids was all bad. What she had heard recently had put her off kids for life!! Oh dear 😬 This was my response. What’s yours? ⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣ #love #family #childrenarethebest #mykidsaremylife❤️ #mykids❤️ #happykids #kids #mykidsrock #mykidsmyworld #mykidshave4legs #happy #mykidsarerad #life #mykidsarethecutest #mykidsareawesome #momlife #childhood #instagood #children #childrenarethebest #mykidsaremyeverything #mykidsaremylife #mykidsloveme […]

  • Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love is Available on Amazon!

    Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love is Available on Amazon!

    Part 1 Chapter 1 Today I’d like to introduce my first chapter to you. It covers how my life changed after 9/11, how I came to practice Islam more seriously and how my identity has helped shaped my faith, and ultimately, my relationship with Allah. I kickstart this short and snappy audio series with the […]

  • Book coming soon!!

    Book coming soon!!

    Are you looking for an inspirational book that will help you to navigate the ups and downs of life a little better? Buy my book here!

  • On Reading

    On Reading

    The first word ever which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the cave of Hira, that beautiful and peaceful night in Ramadan, during the Night of Power over 1439 years ago, was ‘Read’. And I thought it would be a fabulous topic to write about. As you can see in the above picture, to read […]

  • I Used To Get Jealous

    I Used To Get Jealous

    Be aware that this post may be shocking and controversial for some! Everyone knows that muslims are allowed four wives. The idea behind this was not, contrary to popular belief, to endorse a man’s sexual pleasure in life but actually: 1. To restrict the number of wives a man can have!- in Arabia at that […]

  • Dealing With Conflict

    Dealing With Conflict

    Hello and Salaams! This page had been revised and edited for inclusion in my brand new book, Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love, published by Beacon Books! Click the link to buy it today! Peace and Love, Sidra Ansari PS To help me on my journey to enoughism I will write down 3 things I […]

  • Welcome Oh Ramadan

    Welcome Oh Ramadan

    Ramadan Kareem dear friends and family! Read on for reminders and a spiritual boost before the blessed month of Ramadan 2018 is upon us! 🌹

  • Ruling for Essential Oils use in Ramadan

    So, I love using essential oils in my day-to-day life, but are muslims allowed to continue using the oils in Ramadan? The following guidelines will help you to see that indeed they are.  But please remember the following points: 1. Your fast is invalidated if a legally considered substance enters the body cavity through a […]