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  • Inspiration For an Eid Story

    When you capture the exact moment you realise you’re making memories forever! This moment has inspired one of the Eid stories in the Ladybird collection I was blessed to be able to write at the end of last year! Download it today and inspire your children to live their best Eid day! Buy it here! […]

  • Ladybird Stories For Eid

  • It’s never too late to start writing!

    Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  Today I want to tell you it’s never to late to fulfil your dreams! If you want to do something, start today, plant a seed, make a list or make an intention! Take that first step and you’ll see how much easier it is to get where you need to be! If […]

  • Oh my goodness! It’s my very first Insta Live!

    Thank you, Iram bint Safia, for inviting me onto your Instagram channel for my very first Instagram Live. I was nervous but you made me feel comfortable with your super kind words! Watch it here…🥰

  • First Prize for a Fantastic Cake!

    Ladies and gentlemen, my 8yo entered his first ever baking competition and (after 5 hours of back-breaking work with his sister’s supervision!!) he came out with this masterpiece!! (MashaAllah!!) Then won FIRST PRIZE!!!! It was so important for me that he did everything on his own, to truly experience the bliss of making something awesome […]


    YES! I do believe. Do you? P. S Writing and Well-being with Sidra Ansari. Don’t forget I am booking people in for a FREE INTRO TO WRITING CLASS in September- ALL WELCOME! Join me live on Friday 9th September at 10am for a FREE INTRO and then every Friday thereafter when we will begin a […]

  • Fight Back!

    YAY!! Super excited to receive such fabulous book post this weekend! I cannot wait to read this book which has a cover and premise that has intrigued me for months now! My boys loved your book, ‘Boy, Everywhere’ and I am super excited to bring, ‘Fight Back’ into the hearts and minds of the young […]

  • Welcome to the family, Sky!

    Very pleased and proud to introduce our new family member, Sky!! Welcome to the family, you curious beautiful girl!!❤️🎈 ⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣ #animal #animals #catlife #catlove #catlover #catlovers #catloversclub #catofinstagram #catoftheday #cats_of_instagram #catsagram #catsofig #catsofinsta #catsoftheworld #catstagram #cutecats #cutekitten #gato #ilovemycat #instacat #kitten #kittenlovers #kittens #kittens_of_world #kittensofinstagram #kitty #kittygram #meow #pets #petsofinstagram