Fiction: Yes, She Was Different

Yes, She Was Different All she wanted was to be treated as a human. When Leila’s face was covered they turned away. The invisible woman. When her head was covered, a passenger in a nondescript white van shouted out of his window, tyres hissing in the rain. He spat at her whilst driving by, leavingContinue reading “Fiction: Yes, She Was Different”

A Recipe: I made Jordanian Mansaf 😋!

Many moons ago when I first got married, my husband took me on a trip to a foreign land. It was the first time I’d been anywhere apart from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia (I was very lucky to have made my first umrah trip just a year before) and I was really excited. I didn’tContinue reading “A Recipe: I made Jordanian Mansaf 😋!”

Eid Mubarak 😁 Well done those of you who stayed at home! 🏠

Assalam alaikum everyone! Eid Mubarak! I hope you all had a fab Eid inshaAllah. I’m sorry if I offend anyone in this post but I just think it’s an important message to send out. I know for some of us it was hard to stay away from loved ones but for those of you whoContinue reading “Eid Mubarak 😁 Well done those of you who stayed at home! 🏠”

Avicenna – An important message to heed

Hopefully many of you have heard of Avicenna. He was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age, and the father of early modern medicine. Avicenna, known as Ibn Sinna in the Arab World, is also known as “the most influentialContinue reading “Avicenna – An important message to heed”

Book coming soon!!

A Wake-Up Call: The Coronavirus 🦠

  Dear readers, I hope you’re all well and in the best state of imaan inshaAllah! What a crazy turn of events we’ve had to witness over the last few weeks. Let’s just look at all the changes that have occurred since last time I wrote to you all. An international emergency has been declaredContinue reading “A Wake-Up Call: The Coronavirus 🦠”

Forest School Update

Hello and Salaams (peace!), This is a post that I will try to regularly update with all the excellent work we’ve been doing at our primary school to increase the awareness of the benefits of Outdoor Learning. We have already managed to make a huge difference in the land next to our school. The storyContinue reading “Forest School Update”

A Poem on the demise of my beloved friend…

Stapenhill cemetery, Burton, once an anonymous place Now holds the beauty of my friend’s face Her mischievous smile, her twinkly eyes, Her loving gaze, her words so wise A place I never knew before At once becomes a place I adore The trees so strong and tall that guard the entrance I envy, They nowContinue reading “A Poem on the demise of my beloved friend…”

A Recipe: A Simple Chilli Cheese Toastie

Now this is a very simple recipe so please forgive me. The only reason I’ve put this in is the conviction that the most simple things are the best! Now, there are so many variations of this recipe, I half expect you to reply back with your own favourite versions. Of course you can makeContinue reading “A Recipe: A Simple Chilli Cheese Toastie”