Author: Sidra Ansari

  • Natural History including Dinos 🦕🦖😃

    We went to visit the Natural History Museum this week! I’d definitely say this was the child-friendliest of them all! With all the 🦕 🦖 dinosaurs, I guess it’s no surprise! So much fun! Highly recommended 😃 and quite busy too, even on a weekday. The architecture of the building is stunning too- really unexpected! […]

  • My Book is FREE on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited users!

    Oh my goodness, my book is finally available as an E-Book and is FREE on kindle unlimited!!! AlhamduLillah 😁😁😁

  • FREE Intro to Writing Video

    Now on YouTube If you’d like to join my women’s weekly writing workshop, please get in touch! At only £5 a session, it’s an absolute bargain!! For £60, you’ll get 12 classes PLUS regular FB lives to discuss the content! Get in touch today! I look forward to meeting you! Peace and Love, Sidra

  • By the sea

  • Give yourself some time off!

  • I got an actual physical award!

    Oh my goodness me. I’ve received an actual physical award for my book from the people at Golden Door Awards. Does this make me an award-winning author???!Eeeeeeek! #alhamdulillah #author #goldendoorawards #goldendooraward2022 #awardwinningauthor #medal #dreams #goals #writing #amwriting #author #authorlife

  • London Baby! 😃

    AlhamduLillah, we’ve just been for an excellent adventure in central London, visiting sites that hold the ghosts of uni days past and witnessing the marvellous city via the kids in the present. Highlights were @emiratescable cars and halal KFC at Tower Hill. Plus we saw Charlie Chaplin! 😃😃😃 It’s the small things. Hehehe… Now I’m […]

  • Brand New Ladybird Books! 📕

    How fabulous that my actual Ladybird books will be out this month!! I’ve always dreamed of adding to my extensive Ladybird collection on my bookshelf. And this month, this dream will come trruuueeeee! I held them in my hands and they smell like actual Ladybird books which is so surreal!!!! (But also quite obvious 🤣🤣) […]

  • Hay-On-Wye (Town of Books)

    We visited Hay-On-Wye, the town of books, a few weeks ago. It has over 20 bookshops and is also the site of the annual Hay Festival. It was every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be for a book-loving family like ourselves! It was especially awesome to pick up some vintage copies of […]

  • I can’t explain how stunning north Devon was. Maybe this video captures the serenity and it’s stupendous charm? Or how about a few pics…? (What a blessing to go during a heatwave: a reminder that your prayers can be answered even though you were somehow too preoccupied to ask… An unexpected break is both a […]