Hello, salaams, my name is Sidra Ansari. Welcome to my blog!

One day you wake up and you feel like this is the first day of the rest of your life. Have you ever felt like that? As I’m writing this I’m feeling a frisson of excitement that everything I’ve worked towards, everything I’ve believed in, is coming together here for me, finally. Let me explain. I’m a big believer of Destiny, therefore Rumi and his poetry (and spirituality, but that’s another blog post) have always been a huge inspiration for me. When deciding what to do when I got pregnant (surprise 5th baby everyone!) and I realised I wouldn’t be working for the next few years the quote ‘Let the beauty of what we love be what we do’ came to me.

OK, so what do I love doing?



Looking after my family of 7 (have to include myself of course! ;-))


And knowing all this, when I was asked what I’d most like to do with my free time I said I’d like to write.


‘To inspire…To be there for people and to tell my story hoping it will help’

So, if you’re interested in my story and why I’m still smiling on my journey, living my crazy hectic life then please do read on!

If you have any questions, or any topics you would like me to cover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

I welcome you on this journey.  Thank you for your beautiful company!


Hello and Salaams!

Many blog posts are now being revised and edited for inclusion in my upcoming book, published by Beacon Books!

Do look out for a link to pre-order, coming soon.

Peace and Love

Sidra Ansari ❤


Sidra Ansari is a teacher and a writer. She has been shortlisted for the AsianWriter Short Story Prize and has recently been selected for the Penguin WriteNow Mentoring Program for underrepresented writers. She officially began her writing career after she broke her wrist this January and was forced to stop all extra-curricular activities (not to mention suspend the children’s taxi service) to actually sit down to write. She lives in the West Midlands with her husband of fourteen years and five children. You can reach her at @sidra_writes on Twitter and follow her blog at the7ofus.blog.

Thank you very much! God bless you ❤️