We have kittens…(and other news)!

Hey lovelies,

So, this happened…

Click on the tweet to see more pics. Needless to say, we’re completely besotted. New life is such a blessing and a miracle and it’s a gift to witness these new arrivals into our home. AlhamduLillah! (Praise the Lord!)

This month, I also got to the end of my sixth draft, having adjusted my story various times after feedback from trusted beta readers, and I feel it’s nearly time to submit my women’s fiction novel to agents.

I’m nervous, but mostly excited. I know that, no matter what happens, I have a story that my family and some of my best friends think is worth telling, and -already- that means so much!

It would be amazing if you could keep me in your thoughts and prayers, as the next step of my journey unfolds. I feel very blessed to have a job that keeps me humble and sane (teaching!) while still giving me enough time to write.

I am so grateful for this, alhamduLillah!

I hope you’re all well. What have you been up to lately? I love to hear from you!

Peace and Love,

Sidra x

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