Brand New Ladybird Books! 📕

How fabulous that my actual Ladybird books will be out this month!!

I’ve always dreamed of adding to my extensive Ladybird collection on my bookshelf. And this month, this dream will come trruuueeeee!

I held them in my hands and they smell like actual Ladybird books which is so surreal!!!! (But also quite obvious 🤣🤣)

A huge thanks for the wonderful illustrations goes to Rosie Haines @futureisrosie (The Stone Age) and Anja Susanj @anjasusanj (The Ancient Egyptians) 💛💛💛

To say I’ll cherish these books and this experience is an understatement!

Of course, as soon as I had them in my hands I took them out for a photo shoot ☺️

Thank you @ladybirdbooks for this fabulous opportunity!!

Thank you and congratulations to all, especially, to my wonderfully kind and supportive editor @beckybrowneditor

My cat, Sky, and I, can’t wait for the next one 😉 🎉🥳💜

Hope you’re all well,
Peace & Love,


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