A Blank Page

Hey there,

It must be a record- 3 posts in a week- I can’t remember the last time I did that!

I’ve been asked to write for National Poetry Day by my fellow writer friend, the lovely Nazira Vania. The idea is to put this up on a Twitter thread along with other members of our Koyal Writers group as a way to showcase our work.

Why not check out the thread @thekoyalwriters on Twitter today?

The Blank Page

The blank page can be inviting

Or it can shut you out

It can be an opportunity to connect,

Or simply a chance to rant and shout,

It gives you a window to just be;

To write what others see,

Paint your words,

Aim for relatability,

Hope for empathy,

Let go…

And simply be.

The words I write give me something to do

It’s more about me,

And less about you!

The swirling thoughts in my head,

Quieten down once they’re put to bed

On leaves of a notebook

As white as snow,

The words don’t freeze- they flow!

Now read along quietly if you want something to do-

Because I’ve written this part for you!

To my fellow writers,

A word to the wise today:

When you have something to say,

Something’s bugging you,

You can’t stop thinking about it,

(And your handkerchief is wet-through),

Simply write your thoughts down,

Upside down, will be your frown

Don’t worry about perfection

Don’t even think about rejection!

You’ll find a great listener

In pen and paper

You’re never interrupted

You can go and and on

You’ll find a rapt audience

Any judgment will be gone

Quieten the critics,

And the logic of the left-hand side of your brain,

Rejoice in lifting the restraints

You can breathe again!

Sidra Ansari

I hope you enjoyed it. Even if you’re not a writer, you may find solace in writing down your thoughts. Julia Cameron, a great teacher and author, believes everyone has a creative side they can tap into.

Something else that was attributed to her was:

Art isn’t about thinking something up. It is the opposite – getting something down!

Good luck with all the writing 😊…

Peace and love,


PS Does anyone actually ever use a handkerchief anymore?!

PSS I can’t seem to upload a pic right now as my phone is playing up and my laptop died at the start of this week. Weirdly, it’s made me more productive because I’m working on borrowed time. Hmmmm….Something to ponder. The psychology behind it blows my mind but I don’t think it means I’d ever want to give up my laptop. There’s something very sweet about intending to do something and then having time to do it..! (Praise the Lord for freelance work! I’m very grateful to be able to do it.)

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