Ya Rabbi, Save Palestine!

My heart aches for the people of Palestine,

Will justice be done in our lifetime?

My heart jumps in concern at the protests planned,

Is it wrong to worry about my family man,

When people are being killed defending their land?

And masjid al aqsa is being attacked via meticulous plan?

We must shout, stand up, do what we can,

For the ummah (community) of the most beautiful man,

Distracted by my children, I don’t have time to sit and cry,

But my heart still drums with the question, why?

Why the aggression?

Why the oppression?

Why the biased media attention?

Are they not people?

Do they not have a voice?

Do they not have rights?

Why take away their choice?

To lead a peaceful life,

One without strife.

God promises in the Quran to reward their plight,

That the help of Allah is near,

There are trials and tribulations for all He holds dear,

We know this life will never be without pain,

Without stress, or shame,

We know it is our duty to turn back to Him again and again.

Back to our Creator,

Back to our Maker,

Whom we implore with hands held high,

Ya Rabbi, save Palestine!

Save Palestine,

Save Palestine…♥️♥️♥️

Copyright (C) 2021 Sidra Ansari


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