Bring Them Flowers

To the Writer’s Friend:

If you know someone who is writing a novel take them out for lunch. If they’ve finished one- even if it never gets published- it’s a great feat and a huge sustained effort. Bring them flowers.
My students laugh. I say I’m not kidding.”

Natalie Goldberg

Here is a reminder to appreciate the writers in your life. It’s a marathon and that’s before their work is shared with anyone! Afterwards, a lot of work has to be done to share it with the public. From thoughts to text on a page, it’s a massive effort and takes disciplined continuous effort.

To the Writers:
Writing is one of those mediums that people feel anyone can do! Unless you have a writing friend or group cheering you on, your writing is barely acknowledged not to mention celebrated!!

Writing practice can give you a strong spine. It will mean you have something to fall back on, to stop you from tossing all your effort away because of your current circumstances, or something somebody said.

Safeguard the writers in your life. Give them a pat on the back. Safeguard yourself and your work if you need to. Above all, cheer yourself on. Keep going. Your work matters.


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