Writing On Medium

Hey there aspiring writers,

I’m hoping to write a little more on Medium. I’ve found it’s a fantastic platform on which to write non-fiction. If you’re patient and consistent with your articles there’s a chance of getting paid for your readership!

The other advantage is that you don’t have to write about one niche topic to be successful! You can write wherever your heart takes you and then try to get it published in a publication that specifies in that topic.

Anyone can create an account and write on there. However, if you’d like to READ more than 3 articles a month, there’s a £5 charge. I’ve found it to be really useful.

There are no adverts at all, and the fact that ordinary people like you and me can publish on there without pitching to an editor (there’s a no-publication option too) makes it really easy for people to access your work on a professional platform.

So here’s my article for today. Let me know if you create an account. Let’s follow and support each other!

View at Medium.com

This article is on the reasons why I’ve decided to continue homeschooling after lockdown has lifted.

Happy reading!


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