A Writing Routine is Important

Good morning!

This post is for the writers out there!🥰

I think many of us, including myself, are capable of writing much more than we typically produce.

I would even go as far as to say our best work is often still hiding inside of us.

How can you pull that potential out of yourself and share it with the world? Maybe the best way is to develop better daily routines.

Rather than waiting for inspiration to hit you, aim to make writing a normal part of your routine.

Use this time to respond to a prompt (you can find many online!), freewrite or work on your WIP (work in progress).

Whatever you end up doing, stick with it! A little goes a long way.

You may surprise yourself!

Love Sidra

2 responses to “A Writing Routine is Important”

    • Yes that’s a fab idea. I think the inspiration I’m talking about in this post is the type that smashes you down like a huge tidal wave, forcing you to write! Waiting for that type pf inspiration to occur before you put pen to paper will not help an aspiring writer in the long run!


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