Waiting For Perfection? Think Again!

This is for the writers 🥰 📝✍️…

Good morning!

I thought I’d share a huge tip which, I think, really changed my life.

You see, I’m a book worm and forever reading other people’s work, failing in love with it and trying it myself.

The thing is, my own words ALWAYS fall short compared to what I read. They never sound as good on the page as they do in my head and that’s disappointing.

But guess what? I write them down anyway! I don’t let that stop me. I go forth and edit (and publish if it’s for sharing) and then repeat the process.

And through this process I’ve noticed that I don’t have to hit the bar of perfection to get through, to be a writer, to share my thoughts and my journey!

I’m enough. My writing is enough. And I want to give you the same confidence. If you’ve been sitting on an idea for a while and would like to share.

Why not take the leap today? Paste it below without worrying about the perfection that is in your own mind…

Feel the fear and do it anyway! As one author rightly said.

I look forward to reading it!

Peace and love, Sidra

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