He’s in a Better Place

He rests in peace with a beautiful smile,

He can no longer hide,

The station he has reached, inside,

There’s no doubt he’s in a better place

No longer able to grace

Us with his loving gaze,

The angels will now have the honour

Of taking his soul,

Lighter than the flutter of a bird’s wing,

His heart will sing,

With gratitude and awe,

No, he’s not in this duniya any more,

But he’s happy!

Just look at his face!

Noor shines with delight,

His destiny is Light upon Light,

For a soul who knew no such thing as compromise,

Yes, we are shocked at his demise,

But who are we to say when someone should go?

The night of Isra wal Miraj, is an apt time to be buried, no?

Let me tell you what a wonderful man he was,

He lived every breath, for His Sake,

When I would go to visit him,

He would smile and say, come in, come in!

His hospitality had no bounds,

You see, I’m the daughter of his beloved older brother and for us all he had love profound,

He had welcoming eyes,

And northern humour,

And he honoured his family ties,

He had a kind smile, so bright,

And an amazing nature to do what was right,

A strong shepherd

For his flock,

He didn’t compromise,

For Allah’s way,

There was so much sacrifice,

May Allah grant his family patience,

For, without him, life won’t make sense,

He never let up,

He was the captain of the ship,

He made sure nobody would ever slip,

Maybe that’s his legacy,

We have to believe that’s the way it was meant to be.

We have to remember that Allah makes the best plans,

That, through choice, we would choose the same,

If we knew what He knew, there would be no blame,

Only eternal peace,

He’s passed the test inshaAllah

We can gain solace from this,

Eternal peace and eternal bliss,

We look forward to meeting him again,

That hug, that smile, those eyes,

We thank Allah for all those times,

Of happiness and chatter, of stories galore,

Of love and remembrance,

Our heart starts to pour,

With love and gratitude for giving us such a wonderful chacha to adore,

May Allah keep the family sane,

May He give us strength and sabr and alleviate pain,

Until that beautiful day when we will meet again…


Please remember my beloved chacha (dad’s brother) in your prayers.

Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari

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