Why Do Our Dreams Take So Long to Come True?

It can take mere minutes to erect a shed…

Many a time the sheer effort and energy it takes to realise your biggest dreams may even put you off from believing in them in the first place!

The thing is, anything that means something is worth the hard work! Even though it may seem like success happens overnight, many a time this success takes hard work and behind-the-scenes resilience!!

To the outside world erecting an outdoor shed can take mere minutes. However the sheer amount of effort and years of cultivation and expertise is unseen.

The years for the trees to grow, the craftsmanship to create the wooden pieces, the skill of fitting them together, the endless marketing and sales to get to a garden and THEN the few minutes it takes to put it together!

We can fool ourselves into thinking that other people have it easier than us or we can step up OUR game and make OUR dreams come true… And then if you’re still not finished, you can help others to do the same!

This is why I’ve decided to teach a creative writing class for women. To support and nurture and encourage and inspire. To explain and soothe and be that shoulder to cry on.

Because the path to creativity has its ups and downs and you’ll need to be strong to get through. But once you get there my friends, let me tell you – it is worth every blissful, giddy, elated second…Your gratitude will hit the roof!

And you’ll finally grasp the limitlessness of your Higher Power’s Bounty on this earth!! (If you haven’t already!) Sounds interesting? Hop aboard!

I have a COMPLETELY FREE intro to creative writing class for women on Sunday 7th March. 9.30am GMT.

Topics I will cover: –

The Connection Between Spirituality and Creativity

-Letting Go of Your Inner Critic –

How To Build a Daily Writing Practice (Including Time Management!) –

Tools You Need To Get Writing –

The Importance of a Writing Group

I will also answer any questions you may have about my own journey to publication and my experience as a Non Fiction Editor and Reader.

Why not sign up today and you’ll also receive a recording…

Please sign up here!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari ⁣

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