On Writing

But for the footsteps of others we would think ourselves alone on our journey…

I often think that if it weren’t for books, we would think troubles of the mind and heart belonged to us alone. We wouldn’t be able to share grief or pain. We wouldn’t feel peace through relating with others who have felt the same way.

The opposite is also true. We wouldn’t be able to share joy or understand gratefulness for fear of sounding blissful or boastful (delete the one that offends the most!).

Writers write what other people think. And that is what I find the most profound of all.

I write and want to encourage others to do the same. If you’d like to join my brand new women’s writing class, do let me know!

It begins on the first Sunday of March, 9.30am GMT.

It’s not rigorous, it’s gentle. It’s soothing. It’s therapy. It’s a discussion and a journey which takes place in a safe place.

Whether you’re into painting, sculpting, drawing, writing or being creative in any way, this course will help to align yourself with your creative thoughts and acts.

Let’s empty our minds and fill the page. Maybe somebody somewhere will benefit from your words, your thoughts, your experiences…

Peace and love,



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