On Writing & Charity

Hello and salaams dear readers,

I’m absolutely ecstatic to share this interview with @OnjaliRauf, author of the life-changing book The Boy at the Back of the Class. What a wonderful, warm and inspiring person.

Photo by Fatima_artwork88

(Thank you so much for your utter kindness Onjali, you really are a special magical bean 🌟 🌟 🌟!)

Read it here:

Onjali Rauf: On Writing and Charity https://writingcooperative.com/onjali-rauf-on-writing-and-charity-102fae8a87c5

Published by Sidra Ansari

Hi, I'm Sidra Ansari- author, freelance writer and teacher. I have recently written a book called Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love, published by Beacon Books. Check it out on Amazon! Recorded Writing courses that you can enjoy in your own time will be available on LoveLearningonline.com soon! In the meantime, why not look me up on Medium? Don't forget to sign up to my blog to keep in touch receive regular updates. My children’s non fiction titles are available to order on Amazon. You can click on my portfolio for more details. I began writing with the hope of representing people like me in the world of words. Whether it’s in articles, fictional pieces online or words in a physical book; representation matters! I love hearing from you so get in touch if my words resonate! It keeps me going 😃… Peace and love x

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