Launching My Book – 1st January

Hello and salaams,

This is just a quick message to say that, alhamduLillah, I know where and when I’m going to launch my book!

D’you remember in my last post I wasn’t sure what I was going to do?

Well, Allah, in His Pure Wisdom and Generosity sent down an opportunity that I couldn’t refuse!

The Parenting With Allah By My Side Team invited me to speak at their super amazing conference!

Here’s the link if you’d like to listen in on some wonderful words of wisdom from some fantastic sisters.

Register here for free!

Well I said I’ll update the post after the first ever live, so here we go!

What an absolutely amazing start to the conference with the founding team and Farah Halabi, parenting coach from the UK.

There were nearly 2K women from all walks of life who joined in!

When you subscribe to this one-of-a-kind conference, there will be a fabulous chance to watch the same session, via the link in your emails, to catch up.

Remember, it’s available to watch within the next 24hrs insha’Allah.

If you want LIFETIME access to every single talk, please click below:

Get Full Access here!

The Parenting With Allah By My Side team is looking forward to connecting with you all every single day at 4-6pm GMT inshaAllah,

They have some fantastic talks lined up for you!

And don’t forget to tune in on Day 8, 1st January, when I’ll be joining in to speak about my brand new book inshaAllah.

Meanwhile, why not tune into my mini-audio series that I’m sharing on Instagram and Facebook?

Goodbye and Salaams,


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