To All Supermums, Do That One Thing…

For the last few years, so much of my health and well-being depended on the use of the fantastic #Doterra essential oils.

Why then, has it taken me over a year to replace my broken diffuser?!!

Now it’s here, I’m feeling blissful and grateful and refreshed and excited.

This is a reminder to those super busy mums who haven’t stopped to think of themselves lately…do that one thing that you’ve been meaning to do for a while…

Buy some new pyjamas, replace the fuse in your coffee machine, sit down with a packet of biscuits, tea and a good book, fill up your hot water bottle, spend 20 minutes clicking away on Pinterest, fantasising about your perfect bedroom furniture or buy a replacement for your broken diffuser!

Look after you! You are worth it ♥️♥️♥️. And your loved ones will see the best version of yourself in the process.

Have you done anything to look after yourself or your needs lately?

I’d love to hear from you!

Peace and Love,


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Published by Sidra Ansari

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