Mental Health 2020

Hey guys,

I’m so excited to show this to you. In my first week as Non-Fiction Editor at The Remnant Archive I’ve been blessed to work on this awesome project with our hard-working team.

It’s so important to take every moment that we go through seriously. To take stock of the situation and not expect too much of ourselves. Celebrating the little joys is what gets me through the more difficult times, how about you?

This Mental Health Magazine has been published in collaboration with Letters To India. It showcases mental health in such a beautiful way.

Yes, cracks will surface but the fact that you have cracks in your life doesn’t mean things are bad, the fact is that you survived through the hard times. The scars are your testimonials that you didn’t break!

Read the Zine (including a personal essay written by yours truly ♥️) here:

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