An Up and a Down in My Freelancing Journey

Photo by @sachleno on @unsplash

Things are not always straight forward in life. My new career choice is one of them. Freelancing has highs and lows. This week I have lost some regular work from a trusted client. It’s got me hustling and pitching like crazy again.

I was kinda down because I was relying on the extra cash to get me through a slump. I know you shouldn’t count your eggs before they are hatched, but it my mind’s eye, not only had these eggs been hatched- these little birdies were fully grown and ready to leave the nest!

It’s a reminder to rely on the One for sustenance, not the mere promise of people! Even if they had agreed to a contract!

But hey, things got better because, on the bright side, last night I received an email to say that this article has made the front page of Contena!

Contena is a freelancing website that I joined a few months ago. It is has fantastic reviews and is regarded quite highly in the freelancing community.

I began journaling this year and it’s really helped me get through Lockdown 2020.

Here is the link to my article.

The funny thing is, my blog post has reminded me that everything will work out OK.

Journaling has been a very powerful tool for me. Tell me, what’s helped you get through? Do comment below. I love hearing from you guys!

Peace and love,

Sidra ♥️

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