Gratitude Is Everything!

Sometimes it’s easy to see what’s missing, what others have, what you need to live a dream life.

The answer is to be grateful for what you have!

Realisation that this life isn’t meant to be perfect helps so much!

Stop and smell the roses, splash in a paddling pool and give your time to those you love.

Be grateful for every breath you take, every move you make. Be grateful that you haven’t broken a bone today, that you can think, walk and talk.

Be grateful for your state, here and now and Allah will put barakah in everything you do inshaAllah! Being content and patient doesn’t mean things won’t get better! Trust that Allah is looking after you. From the first moment in your mother’s womb, to your dying day. Allah has your back!

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Published by Sidra Ansari

Hi, I'm Sidra Ansari, a freelance writer and teacher. Get in touch today to see how we can work together to make your dreams come true! Teacher|Blogger|Content Writer|Ghostwriter|Manuscript Feedback|Newsletters|E-Books| Attract clients and/or other businesses. Let me do the writing for you so you’re free to follow your passion! 🔥💪🏽 Schedule a no-obligation FREE consultation to see how best I can help you. I look forward to hearing from you! Peace and love x

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