When Your Softness is Your Weakness and They Undervalue You

Remember what you must do

When they undervalue you

When they think

Your softness is your weakness

When they treat your kindness

Like it is their advantage

Remember to look after you

To grow an armadillo shell

In one ear out the next

Make sure you look after yourself

Their words are like darts

Their words may light a fire

But you know what to do

Don’t make the situation dire

Get out of their way

Don’t let them stay

Value yourself

Get some help

Talk to someone

Don’t worry alone

What they’re doing is not right

Get out unharmed

And then run and hide

This situation you cannot abide

For your own sanity

Run and flee

And when you have to be in their company

To keep ties because they’re your family

Then be wary

Stay strong

Remember it isn’t wrong

To look after yourself

And your health

A good mental state is your wealth!

Don’t take it out

On people who love you without a doubt

Learn to tell these people apart

The difference is huge

It’s a difference of hearts

You’ll gravitate towards those with a heart as soft as yours

God has put them there as medicine, as a cure

Lean your heart towards those who love you

And see the beauty of Allah in all that they do

Only then will your head be bent in gratitude

For keeping those people away who have the wrong attitude!

First 6 lines are from imgur.com. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Thank you,

Peace and Love,

Sidra Ansari ♥️

Thanks to @inky_pixels (broken heart), Steve Halama (heart in sand) and Ifrah Akhter (lady in hijab) for making these photos available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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