A jumble of thoughts – a bargain of gratitude and love!

I’m in a daze

Must remind myself it’s just a phase

Can’t get a hold of my mind

Want to write

A thought takes flight

Before I write it down

Feel like I’m running out of time

Then I tell myself

To live in the moment

Nothing else

I smile

It’s now the best part of the night

I delight

In snuggling under my covers

Lying next to the baby in bed

‘How old’s the baby?’ they said

He’ll be 3 soon

Can’t believe he’s growing up

Just yesterday he was born

A sweet cuddly little thing

So little, in my arms he would swing

He would teach me that I have a lot to learn

To be a good mother, he would make me yearn

Three good things about number 5

When the others give me a hard time

He makes me glad I’m alive!

With his funny ways and gorgeous smile

I’m glad I have to go the extra mile

To look after him

He keeps me trim!

Running around

He helps me when I’m down

Kisses me, cuddles me

Tells me he loves me night and day

He sings and sways

He mews like a little kitten

Listening to naughty Tom by Beatrix Potter

Peter Rabbit has him smitten

He listens under the covers,

His cheeks getting hotter

I’m so glad

I get to introduce him to

The Gruffalo, Harry Potter too,

Paddington Bear and Miss Honey

He finds the BFG very funny

I thought that was all behind me

But I read with him now

And laugh with glee

Because I get to live vicariously

While he explores and learns about the family tree

Of the Enchanted Forest

And laughs at the Bear books three,

You see I pretend the books are for him

But they’re really for me!

I love it when he strokes my arm

I pray that all my children come to no harm

You see, complicated though they may make life be

You have to know they mean the world to me,

Through them Paradise lies under my feet

So the hereafter they will also help me defeat (inshaAllah!)

Without them I wouldn’t be me

They are part of my story

I’m sure you see!

My husband is looked after

He knows he comes first

Now I know not to think the worst

We’ll have a relationship strong and fine,

when the children from the nest fly

Lately, as though he knows what’s going through my mind

He’s looking after me and being extra kind!!

So although we don’t know what’s happening with the house

We don’t know if we’re moving

Neither does the mouse!

Of course there’s no such thing

I just needed to bring

This poem to an end

My salaams I do send

To all of you

And thank you for reading

Through this poem which is a bit of a jumble

Of thoughts,

Forgive me while I mumble

All the things that run through my head

As I lay my head down in bed

Good night good night

Remind me to think of all things bright

Even though I feel like I’m falling from a height

When I think of all the things that are in my sight

But am unable to grasp

I have to fulfil all other tasks

Before I get anything so fine

As the house on that little hill that I can call mine…

Thank you Aaron Burden via Unsplash for the photo of the little boy reading in the sunset.

Thank you Ifrah Akhter via Upsplash for the photo of the lady on the beach.

Published by Sidra Ansari

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