This Has Got Me Feeling Sad ☹️

This has got me feeling sad

If only the world wasn’t so bad

But you must remember

You need to fight

You must not let the fright

Freeze you, consume you

You must move out from under him

You must push him out of the way

And cry out loud

Let’s not be proud

Let’s call these people out!!

A great reason to wear trainers

Get ready to run

Don’t let the struggle drain you

Get your keys in your knuckles

And jab

Make them scream and shout

And stab

Get out of danger

And when you’ve made it

Don’t forget to pass on the message

Our women need it

They have to heed it

You will fight back

You will not slack

In getting the message out there

No you don’t!

Don’t you dare!!!!

Women are powerful and for each other we care

We will change the world

We will shout and swirl

With a message new

We will help each other through

We will not stay quiet

We will show our might

We will help each other

We will get through our plight!

InshaAllah! 💕

Photo by Miguel Bruna-Unsplash

Please see Fauzia Lala’s saddening post here. It is the one posted on 1st July.

Published by Sidra Ansari

Sidra Ansari is a freelance writer for hire and a teacher. Although she was born in Manchester, she has lived in many places in the U.K including London, North Wales, Birmingham and Leicester. She now lives in the Black Country and dreams of living by the sea once again- a seagull being her preferred muse. She has been shortlisted for the AsianWriter Short Story Prize and was selected for WriteNow Live, the Penguin Mentoring Program for underrepresented writers. She works for the Mud Season Review as a Creative Non Fiction Reader and has work published in the inaugural Desert Rose Lit Magazine. Her self development book ‘Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love’ published by Beacon Books is out in 2020. She lives in the West Midlands with her husband of over fifteen years and five children. You can reach her at @sidra_writes on Twitter, sidra.7.ansari on Instagram and follow her blog at

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