Sasha- The Daughter In Law Who Turned Blue

She came into their lives brand new

They welcomed her with open arms

Well, what would you do?

They were happy she made him smile

He would go the extra mile

To make sure she was cared for

Everyone wished the best for them

Her smile was disarming

Her compliance charming

They accepted her as a sister

The in laws said she was their daughter

Allah blessed them with so much

The in laws were happy

Their duty done,

Their happiness couldn’t be touched

But then one day

She turned sour

Image sourced by Unsplash

She counted the minutes

Hour by hour

She was used to freedom, this is true

And she turned very very blue

She sat and complained

About everything

Her life she would blame

The people around her she would shame

She made up lies

People heard her cries

And even though they were family

They believed her above him

And said, ‘The hell to all ties!

This is gossip I need to know,

I’ve been waiting for that family

To hit the ground

This is the end of their smarmy lectures,

My fulfilment in their downfall

Has now been found’

Photo sourced from Unsplash

The phone became attached

To her ear

As she rang family

Far and near

Do you know what they did to her?

They used and abused her

She made up new folk lore

She hounded

She pounded

The people she knew

Until someone asked the mum in law

If what she heard was true

‘Did you really beat her black and blue?’

She said ‘All the lies that were spread were NOT TRUE!!’

But this is duniya

And people believe what they want to

A family’s reputation cannot be retrieved

Until the pencil is sharp

Revenge is sweet

Sharper than the mighty sword

A word from one

Will work for eternity….

Howling laughter behind their backs

They fell into her trap

She got away with murder

She hurt them time and time again

Even after that they welcomed her back

They were willing to put the past behind them

Even when she hurt them and their world turned upside down

How much of their good works would she drown?

It’s laughable that such a small pretty girl

Could wrap everyone around her little finger

Give them a swirl

They took her at face value

And she tore their hearts in two

I wouldn’t trust her again, would you?


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Thank you,

Peace and Love,

Sidra ♥️

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