Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love- Out Soon!

There’s a book coming soon

I don’t know if it’ll be out night or noon

I don’t know if I’ll jump for joy or cry

I don’t know if I’ll crawl away or fly

Once I see my words in print

My blood and sweat

The way my thoughts were steered

All the things that were feared

Black and white on the page

For the world to see, “I’m no sage!!”

I tried to lay everything out

Help you guys to see what the world is about

I’ve laid out what I have learnt by being a Muslim in the West,

I’ve written down what to do if you think your life hasn’t been the best

You see, we’ve all been given the tools

We’ve had a reminder,

(No excuse to be fools)

In the Holy book we hold close to our hearts

The soothing book,

which gives us the best of starts,

Many times the solution sits in its pages

When you feel like you want to scream and shout

Listen to a recitation of Al-Quran -it will mellow you out

Everything we’ve been through

Must be for a reason,

Something that is due

This will help us gain closeness to Allah

A love we will not feel from afar

When you look at your life,

Remember it has two sides

So what’s good is good

What’s bad is good because it’s a sign

For you to sit on the mat and get close to the Divine,

He has a plan, plain to see

And when you have Him you are sorted for eternity!!

So give up the fight

Do what’s right

Sort your attitude out

Don’t wriggle and shout

When things don’t happen your way

Admit to yourself that whatever anyone says

This life isn’t everything

The hereafter will be heard with a ding

Or should I say trumpet?

The whole world will end, everyone will get

The honour of being part of this ummah

We don’t need this life

When we’ve been promised so much more

To have the love of our Rasul

Peace be upon him

Now, wouldn’t that be cool?!

Let’s put him first, let’s follow the rules

Let’s do what’s right,

Your love and hard work will be a beloved sight!

When we give in to the Love and Might

Of the Creator who shows us Mercy day and Night!

This book has 3 parts

There to give you a start

To a life good and clean

A life that will feel more like a dream

Because with a great attitude

And a truck-load of gratitude

Everything will change for the better

I can’t wait to share it with you,

My blog shows I have readers from the West to the East

Maybe I’ll see a few books at least

travel to you, over the seas!

And that will be a dream come true!

And I just can’t wait to share it with you!

Peace and Love,


A map to show readers from all around the world in 2020

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Thank you,

Peace and Love,

Sidra Ansari

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