The Girl Who Made a Mistake

There was once a girl

Who married very young

She was besotted by this boy she knew

Her dreams and aspirations be hung

She could’ve been good

And decided that she would

Put her mum and dad’s needs first

But she was majnoon,

And had a thirst

She had no idea that from the very best

The situation would get to the worst

Her mother in law was smarmy

Her mother in law was sad

Her mother in law was sarcastic and rude

When she met her mum and dad

The girl she didn’t notice

The girl she didn’t care

The girl noticed nobody else when her husband was there

Then the years rolled by

The tears and the woes

She regretted that she married him

Nobody asked her why she did it,

Even now nobody knows,

She asked for help

Nobody heard her yelp

They said she made her own bed

They said they didn’t care

It wasn’t fair

But that’s life

Full of strife?

Ends with a struggle

Ends with a knife?

No don’t be silly

This isn’t the prelude to a murder mystery

She worked hard

She drew her faith from Allah

Grew closer to Him

Remembered this Earth was a trial and a test

She stayed and strived to do her best

She didn’t think he would change

Didn’t think her mother in law would care

But what she found was

Through reliance in Allah

She wasn’t really there

She was with Him who took her worries away

With Him, and around her angels would play

He made her strong

He made her glad

When she was with Him she forgot that she made a decision very very bad

She forgot her struggle, forgot her strife

Focused on the afterlife

Her joy was in gratitude

Her joy was in her attitude

She prayed to Allah

and didn’t have to deal with her mother in law ever again…

(Who left but before she did was very very rude!!)

She did well they will now say

She did well and they admire her today

She relied on Allah, stayed strong,

Was it really a mistake or part of her story?

Maybe you believe that she once did something very wrong

But now she is singing to a different song!

Photo sourced by Antonio DiCaterina via Unsplash


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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