I thank you for this! Moonstalks and Orchids are the best

When you walk in through that door

My heart begins to soar

Not only because you’re the one I’ve chosen to adore

Forever more


I love you from my core but

It’s because I’m finally free!

Yay! Another pair of hands to help me feed

Kiss. Cajole. Put to sleep.

These children we’ve been given by God to keep.

Yes it’s a huge responsibility

But with you by my side I can climb mountains steep

You’re a great dad

Though sometimes I do get mad

Because after all I’m only human and can’t always be glad

Sometimes I think how can I care so much?

When you see me but don’t really notice I’m there

Except as a vehicle for all the care

It’s not your fault

your world is bigger than ours

you navigate a whole life,

your job is to focus

on the outside world

so that I am free to navigate mine

but I want you to realise

sometimes I worry

that the day they’re all gone

Will there be enough of me and you

To get through?

You look at me like I’m crazy when I mention this to you!

‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ will no longer be present

When the birds from our nest have flown off like the crescent

of the moon. One day there and a few days later barely a stalk

Maybe we will use this new time to talk?

Like we do in the evenings when the children are in bed

This is the time I look forward to, when we look ahead

to the future we are hoping for

We talk about the kids, our plans and more

We put our hope in our Lord

And our conversation strikes a chord

Yes, there will be a Rich Life with the kids

I just need to be like the owners of orchids

when the blooms drop, people assume the flower has died,

but this isn’t true! if you remain patient,

in about six months you’ll get to see them rebloom

One day we’ll rebloom.

We’ll sing to a new tune.

Yes I look forward to you coming through that door because

Sometimes I need a bit of time

Some time that I can call mine

time sublime

yes I will hum

when I get it!

I will be more than Mum

When I have these thoughts

I try to remind myself

To not get to caught up

to be grateful for our health

our family is our wealth

and if that means I have to work harder for a while

so be it

we’ll have a lot to show for it

We’ll have travelled miles

and miles of parenting, we’d have learnt new styles

to deal with all this

to enjoy the moments of bliss

Sometimes I think you don’t understand

I once thought minute by minute you’d take me by the hand

When I think of you like this

I remind me

to be grateful because you put up with my insanity

So that I can lead a life of serenity

without the uncertainty

yes we rely on you

to do what you do

to keep our small world going round and round

with help from above,

you do what you do

So that I don’t have to.

And for that I thank you.

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman on Unsplash

Published by Sidra Ansari

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