He Helps When You Are Sad

He is the one who works his whole life,
He works when he tells you not to worry
takes on the worries himself instead
Let’s you mope around in bed
Overcomes problems
Works out what to do
You feel lighter
When he hands the solution to you

He works when mum is overwhelmed
He works when he is working out what to do for himself
He works when things don’t work out for you
He works when the family is blue
He goes out at night to get some fresh milk from Tesco
Or pizza,
(before we had Just Eat of course!)
Some Coke and kebab rolls
We no longer feel morose!
Thank you, you’re the best
You’re kinder than the rest!
He goes where others are afraid to go
He leads the way when others say no
He gives hope to you when you are lost
He gives companionship to your mum,
Yes, he is the family’s boss!

He is unique
He helps you when you are sad
Who could this be?
Yes he’s your dad!
Happy Father’s Day!

© Sidra Ansari 2020

Thanks Jon Tyson at Upsplash for the image

Published by Sidra Ansari

Sidra Ansari is a freelance writer, blogger, copywriter and teacher. Although she was born in Manchester, she has lived in many places in the U.K including London, North Wales, Birmingham and Leicester. She now lives in the Black Country and dreams of living by the sea once again- a seagull being her preferred muse. She has been shortlisted for the AsianWriter Short Story Prize and was selected for WriteNow Live, the Penguin Mentoring Program for underrepresented writers. She works for the Mud Season Review as a Creative Non Fiction Reader and has work published in the inaugural Desert Rose Lit Magazine. Her self development book ‘Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love’ published by Beacon Books is out in 2020. She lives in the West Midlands with her husband of over fifteen years and five children. You can reach her at @sidra_writes on Twitter, sidra.7.ansari on Instagram and follow her blog at the7ofus.blog.

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