Gone Are the Mothers of the Past (I thank Me!!!)

This poem was inspired by MamaGuide on Instagram and my lovely sis in law who sent this to me. I dedicate this to mums everywhere. This will be us when lockdown is finally over.. ‘I thank Me!’ Watch the video here… 😂😂😂

‘Mum can you butter my bread?’

‘Mum help me!! I’m stuck’

‘You never spend time with me…you don’t care!’ My daughter after I refused to do a workout with her right now (I mean really?!!)

Can’t she see? How I’m pulled left and right

How I can’t see the light?

‘Mum I need the iPad’ while I’m trying to mark the class homework before the zoom lesson,

Half the battle is devices,

Their meeting starts, they run and leap

they need to keep

up with school distant learning

It’s actually a thing!

mum Mum MUM!!!

Incessant like a drum

While I’m writing this!!!

Eyes on my phone?

Reading out loud trying to entertain at the same time

trying not to lose my brain

I’m going insane

It’s like a train,

Ground hog day

Everything feels the same

It’s such a drain

It’s not a game!

I must try hard not to vent!

They’ve gone silent

Is it working?

Oh no I hear a groan!

I know I know- I need to be there for them without a moan!

To put my needs aside

Mental health is not a priority

In a house where the children need a part of me

Every day

Every hour

My needs go by

My thoughts go sour

I remind myself this is the way to be

If only I can let go of my anxiety

To serve, to love, to give, to cherish

To enjoy this time, to simply relish

This opportunity

Allah says paradise is at the feet of me

Of every mother

But He must mean

When we put down the screen

When we’re attentive and alive

When we let go of everything else and dive

Into this role that we’ve been given

Oh Allah, help me do this livin

In the best way

Help me remember

Help me to serve my family

From January to December

Let me strive, let me survive

and help me through this life!!

‘Mum the little one stinks’

And I’m pulled out of my reverie

No mums aren’t made the way they used to be

They’d serve and serve and not think of ‘me’

But then I know my Lord is Just and Kind

And has told us to keep a hold of our minds

To take time out to look after ourselves

When we pray to Him and put their needs on the shelf

I know it’s the morning that’s so intense

Sure enough nap time comes and everything makes a little more sense

I lie down with my youngest

He strokes my cheek with his chubby fingers

Snuggles into the covers

His feathery touch

His milky breath

His fluttery eyelids

I love the part when he tries to fight sleep

But then his eyes are closed without a peep

The best part of babyhood and

Motherhood rolled into one

I smile and feel another morning has been won,

I can see the light now

I’m out of the woods

Yes gone are the mothers of the past

But the grandmothers remain with us- their examples last!

Oh Allah help us to find beauty, peace and serenity

Comfort and warmth and Love from up above

The company of Angels, the reminder that these times won’t last forever

To never say never

When the children need me

To be there

To be a rock

To show I care

Help me please help me

Sometimes it’s so hard

To not sit there like a lump of lard

And become a zombie on my screen

Sometimes it helps me not to scream

If I take a few breaths and remind myself to look around me

At these gifts Allah has bestowed on me

To thank Allah and then to thank ME!

For never giving up on my family!!

Thanks to Nurel Yana for the beautiful image.

Published by Sidra Ansari

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