Avicenna – An important message to heed

Hopefully many of you have heard of Avicenna. He was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age, and the father of early modern medicine. Avicenna, known as Ibn Sinna in the Arab World, is also known as “the most influential philosopher of the pre-modern era”.

Amongst many other findings, he conducted a study on what anxiety, stress and negative expectations have on the body, mind and soul. See details below.

We must heed his warning. Frequently watching the news and worrying about the effect and impact of this virus on the world can ultimately affect our well-being. We must strive to be mindful about how we spend our time and how much negative information we’re allowing to enter our lives.

It wasn’t for nothing that one of my teachers used to say, ‘don’t watch the news, you’ll get the news blues…!’

Many of my friends and relatives used to chastise me for not knowing the latest trivia when the children were younger and I was up to my elbows in nappies, PVA glue and stories. I didn’t own a TV, my mobile phone wasn’t very reliable and I’ll tell you right now, it was a blissfully peaceful existence.

I missed much of the popular trivia that a lot of people filled their heads with, and I’m telling you I didn’t miss out at all! (Don’t ask my sister about the time she had to explain who Barack Obama was!! OK, I admit this was one time that I actually did miss out on something seismic!!) In my defence, I would’ve found out eventually. 😬

Well, we learn from our mistakes therefore to avoid missing huge world-changing news like the first ever black president, make sure you tune in at least once a day… 😁👍🏽

So anyway, let’s get back to the point! This may turn out to be your most effective strategy on dealing with the situation at hand. It may in fact lead to being the one coping mechanism that gives yourself that competitive advantage against your peers. People around you will wonder how on Earth you remain calm, how you’re managing to appreciate the small things in life…One may argue that now is the worst time to assume such a state of affairs. Don’t we need to know, now more than ever, where our fate lies with regards to this Covid thing?

Well yes, but ask yourself how much of this news is going to change daily? We’re clicking the same stories again and again, desperate for a shift in narrative, maybe a bout of new information or a new perspective. But the reality is we could probably suffice ourselves with one daily update and save ourselves the headache.

With other social media feeds full of even more perspectives of the same information, you’ll probably have to limit your social media time if you really want to avoid it all. Alternatively you could ban family members and friends talking about it all, especially if they’re simply gathering information that you could just as easily look up yourself (once a day!) to satiate that need. Or alternatively, maybe you could put your notifications on silent and decide to check them in that same daily time slot. Imagine all the time you’ll free up! You might even get a chance to pursue that hobby you’ve been thinking about getting round to…

So that’s my little tuppence worth on all the media hype these days. Look after yourself. Be mindful. Take it in a bite-sized daily chunk and try to use your time more effectively. Safeguard yourself from the negative side affects of anxiety, worry and (especially after the latest announcement!) even anger!

A great reminder

Remember to take the time to appreciate the small things in life.

As always, it’s been lovely to connect with you. In these troubled times I’d appreciate a bit of love in the form of some coffee. So, if you’re feeling generous why not help perk a busy mother up with a cup of the finest (nespresso, in case you’re wondering!).

Please click here to help a woman out 😃.

As always, do let me know what you think! Do you think it’s a good idea to limit news feeds in a bid to lessen anxiety and stress? I’d love to hear from you.

Writing about the amazing Ibn Sinna (May Allah be pleased with him) reminds me that I’d love to write a post on our rich islamic heritage, the golden era of Islam that we were never taught about in school. Do let me know if you’d be interested to read something like that!

So, I hope your Ramadan is going well! What a unique opportunity to sit with the Divine without interruptions. (I hope you do find a least a few minutes of solitude, even if it’s sought in the middle of the night before the suhoor duties start, or after everyone’s flopped for a nap after evening taraweeh prayers!).

May Allah put barakah in your time and make Ramadan 2020 one to remember for you all. May it be a blessed one for you all.

OK, that’s all from me for today,

Peace and love,

Sidra ♥️

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