O Bright White Moon – A Poem

O bright white moon of Mid-Shabaan,
You herald the coming of Ramadan,
It is the same shining round face,
Which will bare the grace,
Of becoming a new stalk
‘Ramadan is here!’ will be spoke
The Fruits and blessings of the month are near;
We look forward to barakah near and dear,
Our hearts will be polished; shiny and clear
Starved stomachs and nourished hearts it will make,
Its job is to wake,
An entire nation of sleeping aashiq,
For now is the time to heal our hearts so sick,
For once we were able to, the seeds sow,
For once we didn’t wait til the blessed month was finally upon us to contemplate, to slow
Down our busy lives,
This time we slowed down through strife,
And a huge reminder that life
Shouldn’t be taken for granted
On this delightful morn of mid-Shabaan,
The Adhaan of Fajr so pure and sweet,
Salaah is better than sleep, Salaah is better than sleep,
The truth of this message makes me want to weep,
Why did it have to take a calamity so steep,
To wake us up from our slumber so dark and deep?
Regaled with tales of our beloved Rasul,
Shaykh Aslam ignites the love inside us and instead of school,
We sit in front of the screen
And listen to lessons of knowledge, lots of stories, reams and reams,
That shine and glitter with hope and renewal,
Our eyes fill with tears as we listen to the fodder and fuel
Of days so great, of strength and fortitude,
Why have we now got such an attitude?
Don’t we know, we were made to bow?
To love our rasul and be grateful for everything now?
For once we’ve sown our seeds of love,
So aware of the debt owed to the One Above
I cannot wait for the beauty of Ramadan,
The mercy sent from above,
The clarity of thought,
The renewed vigour and yes, love,
More time spent in getting to know those who came before,
Their company and greatness we will continue to adore,
We’ll stay close to our holy book,
We will study it, listen to it, and in life we won’t get stuck,
And a fantastic side benefit is this:
Our menfolk will not be leaving us with a mountain of dishes, a wish
Come true! While off they go to listen to the Quran,
To a Qari whose recitation is so renowned,
This time the sunnah of praying tarawih at home will be revived,
The hearts of wives around the country will now survive
The endless dishes, the relentless night-work
We will get help and then gather together to serve,
The Most High,
The family will be,
Together and then maybe we’ll have a nap and make some tea..
We’ll have a grand suhoor and then bed for us,
For some of us, no more waking up early to go back to work!!
(NHS staff, you’re stopping the world from going berserk!
Your sacrifices are so profound,
we are grateful for your fortitude and strength,
and the fact that you will go to every length,
to help us all get back to normal.
Thank you, you are stopping a world from becoming mournful)
Soon we will all have the blessed joy of a new Ramadan,
A Ramadan to remember,
InshaAllah our hearts will gleam,
Ramadan Kareem Ramadan Kareem!!!
Sidra Ansari
Mid-Shabaan 1441

Published by Sidra Ansari

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