A stunningly simple show of love

Hello lovely readers,

In thinking of the importance of love as a bridge between us all I came across a stunningly simple short video that illustrates that love transcends all languages. I thought I needed a translation. Turns out I didn’t and here it is.

This Iranian filmmaker is only 20 years old and has just won an award at the Luxor Film Festival. I love how the film illustrates the way a simple gesture of thoughtfulness can diffuse a situation.

All it takes is a bit of mindfulness and love.

As I’m getting older, I’ve realised that one sentence can make or break a relationship that has taken years of patience and endurance to cultivate. Post 35 years old I really feel that self preservation is heightened and if you were once a people pleaser (like me) all of that nonsense (of wanting people to like and approve of you) just fades into the background. One believes firmly that if someone has a problem with you it’s their problem and their loss and that way we can go on our merry way not caring what people think.

I have written about the danger of toxic relationships and their effects in my book which will be out soon inshaAllah.

Yes, it’s very liberating not caring what people think but we must be aware of both sides. If we cut ourselves off from everyone, this will be harmful- we don’t want to end up like Ebenezer Scrooge now, do we?

For we all need support and love in our lives and Islam also teaches us to ‘keep family ties’. The solution is to bite one’s tongue and yes, diffuse situations of hate that occur with love. Give gifts, flowers and even hugs. Try to step away from a situation in order to see it from a different perspective. Think love. Think forgiveness. And your heart will be lighter because of it.

As we enter the new year and new decade inshaAllah, let us be more positive about what each relationship brings to our lives. Let us be thankful and make that extra little bit of effort to keep things going. Learn the art of biting your tongue instead of saying exactly what’s on your mind and relish the loving relationships, support and laughter that ensues.

Do you have any thoughts on this? As always, do share- I’d love to hear from you.

Peace and Love,

Sidra Ansari

2 responses to “A stunningly simple show of love”

  1. MashaAllah such an important topic for today’s society. InshaAllah duas Allah protects us and keeps us busy on his path always. xxx Well written…Proud Aunt xxx

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    • Ameen ameen xxx Thank you so much my dear (young!) Aunty! It means so much coming from you, as you were such a positive Islamic role model for us whilst we were growing xxx 😘 Keep the duas coming 😊


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