Enough of Enoughism and A Change

Hello again,

I can’t remember the last time I wrote to you all two days in a row so it must be a good sign. I thought I’d speak about the fact that I’m ready to stop writing about enoughism at the end of my posts. If that was a part of the blog post you really looked forward to, and a lot of readers respond saying the same, I’ll reconsider but at the moment I feel that I’ve really brought this point home- that no matter what there is always something to be grateful for.

I began these blog posts nearly two years ago now ♥️♥️♥️ to act as a reminder to myself and others to ‘enjoy the journey’ inshaAllah ameen.

Life has ups and downs and if we don’t enjoy the moment we are in because we’re busy looking forward to or praying for the next step then one will soon realise that life is going by without actually enjoying it and noticing all the little blessings and miracles that happen everyday SubhanAllah!!!

One of my beloved teachers once said: Rather than husband husband husband…then house house house…then car car car….then children children children….make your dhikr Allllllaaaaaaahhhhhhh and you won’t ever be disappointed!!! InshaAllah ameen. This is also something I speak about in my book ‘Finding Peace through Prayer and Love published by Beacon Books and coming out in Feb 2020 inshaAllah!

Now the book is finished and coming out soon I thought I’d change the focus on being grateful and enjoying the journey to general musings on life, reflections on what I’m reading and the places I visit and people I meet. I intend to write about recommended trips for families and restaurants etc. Please let me know if you want me to include something in particular. I’ll always add a little reminder at the end that reminds you that if you’d like to support my writing then please do in the form of a cup of coffee (see below). I never tire of receiving such support and, of course, coffee is what I need to keep me going once the kids have gone to bed!

Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari

PS Hello to everyone!

I’m very grateful for your readership. Maybe you’d like to say thank you by buying me a coffee? Go on, I’d love a cup ☕️👌🏽! It really will motivate me to post more often. So if you like my content and would like to read more…

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Thank you very much and Jazakamullah khairun (may God reward you) for your support! A coffee near me really does keep me going 😀.

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