Ruling for Essential Oils use in Ramadan

So, I love using essential oils in my day-to-day life, but are muslims allowed to continue using the oils in Ramadan? The following guidelines will help you to see that indeed they are.  But please remember the following points:

1. Your fast is invalidated if a legally considered substance enters the body cavity through a recognised point of entry.

2. Oils ingested directly through mouth or nose will invalidate your fast, obviously.

3. Oils applied elsewhere on the body do not affect the validity of your fast, even if such oils can be tasted, because your skin pores are not considered to be a cavity of legal consequence.

4. Tasting something in your mouth is not invalidating in and of itself. As such, tasting the toothpaste does not affect your fast because you have taste buds in your mouth which you cannot do anything about. However, swallowing the toothpaste would be invalidating.

5. Diffusing the oils is fine as long as you do not deliberately and purposefully ingest or breathe in any perceptible body of steam vapour. Merely smelling the oil in the room does not affect anything as you have the obvious right to continue breathing. The upshot, thus, is that your fast remains unaffected as long as you avoid any deliberate inhaling of the steam itself. I hope that is clear.

Ustadh Tabraze Azam

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