Do what you love!

Hello and Salaams!

This page had been revised and edited for inclusion in my brand new book, Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love, published by Beacon Books!

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Peace and Love,

Sidra Ansari

PS To help me on my journey to enoughism I will write down 3 things I am grateful for at the end of each post.  These are:

  1. The school will now stay open: We are so happy to announce that Al Khair School will remain open (Praise the Lord!), and an excellent result of the previous impending closure has meant that we are now fired up to make this school a pillar of the community.  I hope that all those who attend become beacons of light for the future generation, God-Willing. Thank you for your continuous prayers, kind thoughts and support!
  2. Easter holidays! Yay 🙂
  3. Rumi Quotes- these always seem to pop up on my sphere of thought as and when I need them.


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7 responses to “Do what you love!”

  1. I adore your writing Sidra, this piece is just lovely. I too have encountered a very similar experience, at school I was fairly talented in some subjects and yet struggled so much with others that I was in the lowest sets and still had difficulties. Teachers truly believed that I ‘couldn’t be bothered’ or was just ‘playing up’.
    Looking back now, I think I may be dyslexic, but who knows?!
    My point is, that with no qualifications, I had to use what I had to make some money, and what I had was a very specific talent for communicating with horses. I know, it’s a bit odd.
    But I went on to create a very successful business from that talent, and not only earned more than what I needed, but I thoroughly enjoyed my work too.
    I went with my talent because at the time, it was my only option, and I am so glad I did. 🙂
    Lots of love to you xxx

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    • Wow that’s amazing Fiona, I’ll have to nickname you The Horse Whisperer now!! Thank you for your comment – it’s amazing that you had the insight to do what you were good at when you were still quite young…you were successful despite what your teachers thought, so well done for that! Lots of love dear, happy hols! xxx


  2. Good morning beautiful! This is spot on! I wish the gift of passion is revealed to every soul as early as possible, but if not, then as you say, ‘follow what makes you feel alive’.

    Thank you for this Sidra! May Allah bless you richly in both worlds.

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  3. This really is an enlightening and interesting blog Sidra, it really puts into perspective
    that doing what you love is what really matters at the end of the day.
    No one needs to be judged by authorities, stereo typed and put into pigeon holes.
    Every individual is unique

    This highlights the problems/ issues that many children will face by the new Baseline tests which are being introduced to schools The tests will give teachers the impression that each child’s future potential can be calculated.

    This is not even possible 3 years later. A new analysis of KS1 tests by Education Datalab shows the dangers of a belief in fixed ability.

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    • Yes totally agree! This is not right. I totally believe that children should not be put into boxes at such a young age. What happened to growing and learning? New experiences and meeting new people can teach children so much. It is so limiting to judge how well a child will do so early! Thanks for your comment dear!

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