My DoTerra Story- Sharing is Caring :-)

This is my story and not a promotion. DoTerra Essential Oils came into my life one sunny day in Wales when I had a headache. Funnily (and also quite sadly) I’d get this recurrent headache every time I travelled to Wales. Since Wales has become my no-aeroplane favourite holiday destination over the past few years, it was really something I needed to address. It was a combination a of lack of water, the stress of packing for a big family and a long journey in the car.

So, anyway one of my friends suggested I use this natural remedy to help with the pain. She said to use a drop of Peppermint Oil straight onto my forehead and see how I felt. I’m telling you I felt like I was floating, as a lovely minty aroma tantalised my senses and made me feel light-headed. Straight away I asked about the other remedies and ended up ordering a Family Physician Kit as soon as I got home.

That was my introduction to the oils. Now I’ll tell you now how I began to share the oils.  One night, my boys were play-fighting, it was bedtime and Mr Smiley was then only about a year old. It was one of those days that I couldn’t wait for my head to hit the pillow and get some rest. I had to pray yet and realised how difficult it would be in all this chaos…I felt it was an impossible situation. Then I remembered the oils. I got the Lavender out and used it on the bottom of the older boys’ feet and put them into bed. I also used it on the baby, diluted with some coconut oil.

Straight away, I felt a feeling of calm descend. These oils are really potent so only a drop each was needed. I felt the serene aroma seep into my senses. Mr. Smiley sat playing happily by my feet, now calm and relaxed. To enhance my own concentration I used a drop of Frankincense straight onto my prayer mat. I’m telling you, that prayer was like no other before and it changed my whole experience of that evening around. When I’d finished praying, I sat for a few minutes reflecting on what just happened. I felt a connection then with my faith, my journey as a mother and the oils. I realised then that I needed to share these oils. How many mothers (and others) needed this help? Needed this feeling of calm and focus when the environment was anything but?

So I got in touch with my friend who introduced me to them in the first place and she directed me this wonderful lady named Dawn (Sabeeha) Hinson. Since then, Dawn has been a huge inspiration to me, you only have to meet her to realise how much the oils can change somebody’s life and perception.

I then actually went on to teach essential oils classes and at one point I was teaching them weekly from my own home. I taught how to use the Family Physician Kit mostly even though there are a huge variety of oils available to buy now.

I guess the reason I stopped officially sharing was that my main driving force behind it all was that I believed the oils would make a difference to people and felt every family should at least experience the difference they can make in one’s life and then make an informed decision. However, some people believed that my main driving force was the commission that I would gain from sales. Therefore I would share and share sometimes with the same people and they would almost need persuading which is something I wasn’t interested in. Even now I don’t think the oils even need a ‘hard sell’.  Knowing about them is enough! I think if I had more time to invest in sharing I would’ve continued but unfortunately I was pushed for time.  The oils are the first alternative remedy that I’ve come across that are very user-friendly and self-explanatory to use.  They are named after the plants they are derived from, there are no confusing latin names to deal with and the blends are even easier to navigate as they are named in such a way that it’s obvious what they are used for.  ‘Cheer’ will make you cheerful, ‘Peace’ will grant you a feeling of peace, ‘Balance’ will help you, well, balance and feel more grounded, ‘Whisper’ is a wonderful subtle feminine aroma that can be used as a natural perfume…OK the last one is not as obvious!  but the others really are, I promise!  And the list goes on.

So, after about a year, it was enough for me that my closest family and friends knew about the oils, now they can make their own decisions regarding the use of them. Even though I ‘officially’ stopped sharing, I do not hesitate to tell people about the benefits of them should such a situation arise. I like it better this way.  So here I am, telling my new friends (and reminding my old) that the oils are still around and still as effective as ever.  If you want to ask any questions regarding them, please refer to the official doTerra website and if you do want to buy them look no further than Dawn’s Facebook and Instagram pages  Drop her a message and she’ll happily sort you out!

Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari ❤

PS Previously, I said I’d list 3 new things I’m grateful for on each post. This will help me on my journey to Enoughism.

So the 3 things I’m grateful right now are:

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil: Diffusing this at bedtime brings a meditative calmness into our household…currently need to restock on this wonderful oil but right now I’m grateful such a thing exists in this world!  It is spoken about in the Christiian tradition as one of the gifts the three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus and also in the Islamic tradition it is said that the tree under with Lady Mary (Maryam is her Arabic name) gave birth to baby Jesus (Isa in Arabic).
  2. Lavender Essential Oil:  For the peace and sleepiness that exudes from it’s use!
  3. Peppermint Essential Oil:  The elimination of my stressful headaches began here, I’m very grateful for this!

Since you’re here I have a small favour to ask. More people are reading the than ever but advertising revenues are non-existent. And unlike many lifestyle magazines, I haven’t put up a paywall – I want to keep my writing as open as I can. So you can see why I need to ask for your help. These posts take a lot of time and hard work to produce. It would be amazing if you could help fund me by donating a coffee a two to keep me going! Please press here to give.

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  1. We’ve been fortunate enough to experience these essential oils first-hand, thanks to Sidra! They really do make a difference to your health and well-being. Highly recommended x

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