11: Friday fuel for bouncing back…

Hello readers,
I found myself nodding in agreement to this post so much that I just had to share it with you all. Finding the light while travelling through the tunnel? That sounds like ‘Enjoying the journey’ and is right up my street. Happy reading!

My Little Blog of Positivity


Its only 9.24am on Friday 19th January and I have already gone through a multitude of emotions, from a sense of excitement to serious disappointment, from motivation and enthusiasm to sadness and rumination, and then turning it around to acceptance and determination.

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  1. This is totally my feelings! I’m writing every day but I just want to be done, but I also know I need to enjoy the process and I DO. The quote is totally spot on. I am in the tunnel and I just want to be out of it, but I have to try and learn to love being in the tunnel.

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    1. Yes totally! Let’s try to ‘enjoy the journey’ as my dad would say! Be mindful of the fabulous feeling of writing and live in that moment where you’re spending time and effort on your dream and doing what you love!


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