3 Must-Buys 0-1 Year Old Baby

>Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This has been an absolute life saver.  It isn’t electronic, it doesn’t have music, sounds, flashing lights, vibrations or colourful toys attached to it.  What it does have is some stretchy comfortable fabric to sit in and a very sturdy iron base.  It has 3 settings, plus you can lie it down completely flat, making it portable and completely mobile – ideal for use whilst travelling.  The highest setting is wonderful for the baby, as he or she is nearly upright so he or she can watch you whilst you work (or sit or play or whatever it is you go and rush to do when the baby is finally occupied!).

I was gifted this by my generous sisters when I had my 4th child, Mr Smiley used it so much.  Even when he was able to sit up, we used it as a chair.  He bounced himself in it when he kicked his legs, it was so much fun for him.

Unfortunately, when I realised I was pregnant with my 5th child, I had already sold it on to somebody else!  Then, even though it’s so boring to request the same gift, that’s what I did! I really did get so much use out of it the first time that I couldn’t resist.  The 3rd setting is really handy, as when they tire themselves out, you can really easily flatten their seat and they’ll sleep beautifully and comfortably in it.  Now, Mr. Cuddles uses it mostly when I’m working in the kitchen.  He watches me work, while he bounces it on his own.  I cover him in a blanket and maybe give him a toy and he can sit there quite contentedly for a while.

OK so for highly recommended Must-Have baby product no.2:

It’s an inflatable ring. More commonly known as a ‘Galt Toys Triangular Play Nest’.   This is fantastic for that time when the baby is sitting up but still needs some support.  I’ve used this for all my children and can’t recommend it enough.  Mr. Cuddles has it now and every time I put him in, he lunges for one of the colourful characters on the edge of the ring!  He can play in it safely for a long time.  I put toys in with him and he’ll play with them, quite happy to be ‘sitting’ up inside.

The 3rd Must-Have baby product is one that I’ve just discovered recently.  It was recommended to me by a friend and her son was literally selling it to me every time I went over!  This is The Jolly Jumper.  It is a swing/jumper that you can hang from your door.  There is no assembly required and it is easily removed from the door frame.  It comes with a clamp that you attach to the top of the frame and a long silver chain that can be adjusted is attached to the seat.  The seat can be opened up and adjusted just like a nappy, with velcro and a belt.  It can be used to jump in, if the baby’s feet touch the floor or as a swing, if you make the chain shorter.  I can’t recommend this highly enough!  It gives the baby a lot of exercise and it also keeps them occupied for about two or three half hour sessions throughout the day.  It can also be very entertaining for guests!  It’s funny, but with this, Mr. Cuddly, a relatively small baby can ‘stand’ on his own.  He almost ‘shows off’ while he’s jumping in it, as if to say “Look at me!”.  It’s brilliant to see another side of his personality emerging.

I’m not sure what you’ll think of this post.  Maybe it doesn’t seem relevant to my previous posts.  The way I see it, knowing what baby products to buy to keep a young child happy and entertained makes this period a lot lighter on a mother; it makes it easier for her to ‘enjoy the journey’ with a young child.  This is what I’d like to advocate.

Another investment I would make once the child is moving around is a safety gate to separate the kitchen door from the rest of the house.  This way you can safely cook while the children play on the other side.  You can pass them snacks and talk/sing to them to keep them occupied but you should be able to get your job done quickly and safely, in the kitchen.

That’s all for now.  If you don’t have small children of your own but you know others who might benefit from buying these items, do let them know.  I pray it makes life easier for them and you.

Do you have any ‘Must-Have’ products you recommend?  If yes, do let me know in the comments below.  It would be interesting to see what you think.

Take care, until next time,

Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari ❤

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6 responses to “3 Must-Buys 0-1 Year Old Baby”

  1. I loved my Baby Bjorn Bouncer too!.

    Another one for me is baby sling!. Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, having a sling makes life so much easier for yourself and a content baby! Win win 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes of course the baby sling! I do highly recommend this too! I used a ‘Babasling’ fir the first few months and then The Ergo Baby Carrier. There are so many to choose from, just check Amazon for something that fits your requirements and budget! How about you Sajeda? Which carrier would you recommend?


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